Industrial Promotion Center

the Generation Regeneration Integration
of Manufacturing

The Role of Techno Plaza Okaya

During the past decade, Okaya City's local manufacturing base had been hollowed out, because major manufacturers had shifted production overseas. The subsequent pressure on small- to mid-sized manufacturers prompted the city and local industry leaders to convene industrial revitalization and strategic planning sessions, and it was determined that a center for the promotion of local industry was needed. An exploratory committee with broad representation from industry was formed, followed by general assemblies and wide-ranging opinion surveys of local citizens, leading to the establishment of Techno Plaza Okaya.

[Brief Overview]
With support from the Okaya Fund for the Promotion of Industrial Technology as well as the Local Industries Integration and Revitalization Act of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, Techno Plaza Okaya opened on June 7, 2002.

Floor Space
1st Floor 976.63m2
2nd Floor 612.94m2
3rd Floor 543.45m2
PH Floor 38.75m2
Total Floor Space 2,171.77m2
Building Area 1,004.04m2
Land Area 1,850.25m2
Construction Cost
Main Building 711,690,000 yen
Parking Lot 39,900,000 yen
Brief Overview