TV Conference System

Outline of Okaya City
Industry and Research Advanced Information
Network System

The Okaya City Industry and Research Advanced Information System, is a "TV Conference System", which uses the Internet to link the universities in our network, with the purpose of promoting collaboration between local manufacturers and universities. It was set up in an effort to promote the development of new technologies and products amongst local businesses and strengthen the business structure, as a means of establishing ourselves as an international supplier of smart devices.

As long as your computer is connected to the Internet and equipped with a web camera and headset (microphone and speakers), it is possible to use this system from anywhere in the world, without the need to install any special application software.

Using the capabilities of this system, we established the "Administrative Information Hotline" on a trial basis in Nagano Prefecture. While up until now "Business Management Consultation" has taken place at our information desk, this system allows us to provide consultation on various matters face to face, without the need for you to come directly to "Techno Plaza Okaya".

We have provided a new way of communication, in addition to telephone, FAX and email. The system is free to use. So please feel free to try it out sometime.